All services are offered as either a one-off or as part of a regular care program. We tailor our services to suit your needs and budget. For examples of the work options listed below please visit our Photos Page.

  • Concrete and stone cleaning

    We use eco-friendly washing techniques to remove mould and mildew, and hand-finish the cleaning process.

  • Concrete and stone repair

    We repair cracked concrete and stone, and rebuild crumbling concrete, retaining the style of the original work. We can also incorporate memory items into the new concrete setting – perhaps you have a special ring, medal or a letter you would like included in the new pour.

  • Decorative gravel

    To enhance the central grave area below the headstone, clients often choose to have a layer of decorative gravel laid over existing dirt or cracked concrete. Colours include white, black, grey or mixed shades of brown. This is commonly done in conjunction with a headstone clean. This gravel overlay approach can have a significant impact in restoring the site to an attractive finish.

  • Lettering restoration (re-lettering, re-gilding, re-blacking)

    Often lead lettering in marble headstones peels off, and we offer a full repair service for this common issue. Alternately, if letters carved into stone have been painted, the paint will invariably flake off and require repainting, a delicate job which we are skilled in. We also offer a full range of stone carving services including lettering, artwork and free-standing structures. Do you have a favourite image you would like carved into an existing headstone? For example, previous clients have chosen symbols such as boats, angels, crosses, hands and wedding rings.

  • Weeding / re-planting / re-landscaping

    You may like to set up a regular gardening maintenance plan to ensure the memorial is inviting no matter when you visit. Let us guide you with suggestions of adding interactive items, plantings and memory items.

  • Repainting

    We sand, prepare and repaint the memorial using a minimum of one base coat primer and two topcoats. Care is taken with the brushwork to ensure a neat finish. We can assist with colour matching if required.

  • Rust removal

    Rusty metal +/- overlaid paint are stripped back, reprimed and repainted. Metal replacement can also be done if sections need significant repair.

  • Remodelling

    For clients considering memorial remodelling or enhancement, we use the services of qualified stonemason and architect Pete Macfarlane. Pete is a registered architect and stonemason, and he lectures internationally on his unique approach to memorials. Pete’s work is well represented all over south-east Queensland. He specialises in beautiful interactive designs. Please visit his website to learn more about Pete’s work:

Please contact us for a free quote on 0418 688 616 or email us via our Contact Page.